The Big One

Published to rave reviews and purchased by DreamWorks in a major film dealThe Big One is a spellbinding and richly atmospheric work of narrative journalism in the tradition of Friday Night LightsForbes Best Sports Book of the Year

“Fish fan or not, you will find the narratives and characters in The Big One rich and intriguing and weird and wonderful. A great read and a great tale.”Susan Orlean, New York Times best-selling author of The Orchid Thief

The Big One is a rollicking true story of a grand American obsession. You don’t have to be a fisherman to relish David Kinney’s marvelous account of the annual striper madness on Martha’s Vineyard, or his unforgettable portraits of the possessed. It’s a fine piece of journalism, rich with color and suspense.”—Carl Hiaasen, New York Times best-selling author of The Downhill Lie

The Dylanologists

In The Dylanologists, David Kinney ventures deep into this eccentric subculture to answer a question: What can Dylan’s grip on his most enthusiastic listeners tell us about his towering place in American culture?

“Juicy … Artfully told … The Dylanologists is an often moving chronicle of the ecstasies and depravities of obsession.” — New York Daily News

“By getting his subjects to talk about the moment, often years past, in which they were swayed by Dylan’s music, Kinney humanizes the archetype of the pop junkie. … Like a disappointed father—or an angry God—Dylan seems to lament the foibles of his followers. But Kinney argues that Dylan may have more in common with his obsessive fans than he might think.”— Ian Crouch, “Bob Dylan, Fanboy,” The New Yorker

The Dylanologists is about people who care deeply about Bob Dylan—some obsessively, following him, studying him, as a central and powerful touchstone of meaning and guidance in their lives. Their fixations might seem quaint, even absurd, but David Kinney allows these people their genuine and hard-earned profundity. As we learn about their lives and thoughts, we also learn about Dylan’s, with insights that are compassionate, good-humored, troubling and revelatory, and that feel humane and accurate. This is a valuable and original contribution to the essential literature about a valuable and original artist. It’s also an absolutely pleasurable read.” — Mikal Gilmore, Rolling Stone writer and author of Shot in the Heart

The Devil’s Diary

A World War II narrative wrapped in a riveting detective story, The Devil’s Diary investigates the disappearance of a private diary penned by Alfred Rosenberg, Adolf Hitler’s “chief philosopher,” and mines its long-hidden pages to deliver a fresh, eye-opening account of the Nazi rise to power and the genesis of the Holocaust

“. . . Engrossing . . . This is an outstanding piece of journalism.”—Publishers Weekly

The Devil’s Diary is lively and well written. Part detective story, part history book, it restores Rosenberg to his rightful place in the narrative, a man . . . who was profoundly influential, not least in providing what meagre intellectual underpinning Nazism could muster. . . . a fascinating read.”—Roger Moorhouse, author of Killing Hitler, Berlin at War, and The Devil’s Alliance

“Mesmerizing.”—The Daily Beast