The Devil’s Diary

A World War II narrative wrapped in a riveting detective story, The Devil’s Diary investigates the disappearance of a private diary penned by Alfred Rosenberg, Adolf Hitler’s “chief philosopher,” and mines its long-hidden pages to deliver a fresh, eye-opening account of the Nazi rise to power and the genesis of the Holocaust


“. . . Engrossing . . . This is an outstanding piece of journalism.”—Publishers Weekly

The Devil’s Diary is lively and well written. Part detective story, part history book, it restores Rosenberg to his rightful place in the narrative, a man . . . who was profoundly influential, not least in providing what meagre intellectual underpinning Nazism could muster. . . . a fascinating read.”—Roger Moorhouse, author of Killing Hitler, Berlin at War, and The Devil’s Alliance

“Mesmerizing.”—The Daily Beast

“This volume cannot be recommended too highly. It is another smoking gun with which to condemn the Third Reich and further serves to reinforce what has become a 70-year mantra: We should never forget nor, more importantly, repeat man’s worst inhumanity to man.”—New York Journal of Books

“A fascinating scholarly detective story centering on the often overlooked ideological architect of the Third Reich.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Alfred Rosenberg was one of the most unfathomable of the Third Reich’s leaders, but he arises in horrific clarity in Wittman and Kinney’s engrossing book. Rosenberg’s personal writings, which were nearly lost to history, receive a dramatic interpretation in The Devil’s Diary. It’s an intriguing read for anyone fascinated by the personalities of Nazi Germany.”

Jack El-Hai, author of The Nazi and the Psychiatrist

“Both an incisive biography and a Monuments Men-like detective story, The Devil’s Diary is a very rewarding read. While exposing in fresh, stunning detail the role Alfred Rosenberg played in the Holocaust, Kinney and Wittman also reveal the oft-tangled but fascinating world where history is recorded and written. Well done!”

Neal Bascomb, national bestselling author of Hunting Eichmann and The Winter Fortress

The Devil’s Diary has all the elements of a great book: a hugely influential but forgotten confidant of Adolf Hitler, a long-lost Nazi journal, and a crusading Jewish lawyer who spent his life at war with the leading men of the Third Reich.”

Joaquin “Jack” Garcia, New York Times bestselling author of Making Jack Falcone

Excerpt: ‘The Vault’

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